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When you buy a massage table in Australia, you need to know that you are looking for an important medical device that is strictly attached to your service quality as it represents the surface where your patient will be positioned throughout the whole session. A good massage table in Australia is about everything a professional masseur or chiropractor needs apart from their knowledge to offer a patient the type of service they need to relieve stress and feel better. Massages are often performed by placing the patient in the prone or supine position. There is a wide variety of massage tables and knowing some essential information can help you make the most appropriate purchase decision, here at Massage Gear we offer second to none options from you can when selecting a superior massage table in Australia.

What criteria influence the purchase of a massage table? These are some of the criteria that come into play when choosing a massage table:

• Intended use: there are tables adapted to each treatment, either at home, in spa centres or in physiotherapy or chiropractic cabinets. Chiropractic massage tables are almost identical to osteopathy tables. Here at Massage Gear, you can buy a massage table in Australia that truly suits your requirements and helps you improve your service quality.

• Dimensions: the height of patients can vary considerably, so it will be essential to attend to the size of the table in advance to ensure optimal comfort. The standard length of most tables is usually 185 cm, although some can reach 2 meters through an extendable headboard. The width of the table and the height of the professional are equally important. On our product range, you will find the best option to buy a massage table in Australia that covers your expectations.

• Materials: leather is the most widely used material for covering massage tables. The reason? Its longevity and ease of cleaning. Synthetic leather is the option we use here at Massage Gear because we offer products that are safe for the environment. Thanks to the thick padding present in our tables, the comfort of the patient is assured. A thickly padded table will go a long way in enhancing the patient experience. Also, the quality and thickness of the padding will determine the life of the table. A table with good upholstery, as the ones you will find here at Massage Gear, can last several years without presenting problems.

Buy a massage table in Australia that is stable and reliable so you can complete your therapeutic massage sessions properly and offer your patients a remarkable experience that suits their requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about our options for clients looking to buy a massage table in Australia, we will be proud to give you all the details you need to know about our products. Here at Massage Gear, we are aware of our clients’ feedback and we take care of every single detail when we manufacture our massage tables.


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