What fabric are the covers made out of?

Our fabrics are made from 100% thick stretch cotton jersey. They are easy wash, colour safe and of the finest quality available. Our fabrics do not pill compared to flannelette or terry towelling and are durable and long lasting.

Will your stretch sheets fit my table?

All Massage Gears' sheets are made to a generic size to fit 99% of all massage tables available in Australia. The stretch elastic at the bottom allows the sheet to adjust to all table sizes and give a good fit. For example, did you know that most tables in AUSTRALIA are a minimum of 65cm wide and 1.80m long up to 90cm wide and 2.10m long?

Can I have other colours?

Yes you can, however they need to be custom made and delivery time can vary. We charge an extra $5 per item for custom colours.

Do your massage tables come in different colours?

You can have any colour you like with tour Massage Tables so long as it's the colour black. In order to keep our costs low we only stock one colour, however you can dress up your table with our colourful fitted sheets and covers.

Can I return a product if i don't like it or if it doesn't fit or arrives damaged?

Yes you can but all returns are subject to our refund policy. To read our refund policy in detail, click here.

How long do your covers last?

Our covers can last and continue to be colour-safe for many years depending and how often it is washed. For example, a clinic that washes every day and puts the sheets in a dryer will replace within one year, if washed less, at warm temperature and air dried, our covers can last up to 10 years and still look great.

What is the face cushion for?

A face cushion is a soft cotton pillow filled with washable fiber dacron in the shape of a face cradle that can be put over a face hole in the table. It can also be placed on top of a face cradle that is attached to the table for the prone position of your client. For ultimate client comfort, you can't go past one. If you have questions here that are still unanswered, please contact us by clicking here.

Can you custom make designs?

Yes, we specialize in custom making small order quantities for retail clients or large quantities for wholesale clients and their products. We can make any cover from a pattern, sample or product sample. Please contact us for more information.

Still got Questions?

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