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Are you looking for a great massage tablet in Australia? You’re in the right place! We have the best massage tables for physiotherapists, massage therapists, and alternative therapists. Plus, we offer free shipping on many tables starting at just $199.

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  • Great Selection: We have a variety of massage tables to suit your needs.
  • Affordable Prices: Tables start at $199, giving you quality without breaking the bank.
  • Free Shipping: Many of our massage tables come with free shipping.
  • Designed by Experts: Our tables are made for therapists, ensuring comfort, durability, and ease of use.

Our Massage Tables

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right massage table:

Type of Massage Table Benefits Things to Look Out For Use Cases
Portable Massage Tables Light and easy to carry. Great for mobile therapists. Make sure it’s stable and can hold enough weight. Home visits, office visits, mobile therapy.
Stationary Massage Tables Very strong and comfortable. Has adjustable features. Needs more space and can cost more. Clinics, spas, permanent setups.
Electric Lift Massage Tables Easy to adjust height with a button. Good for therapist ergonomics. Higher cost, needs power. Busy clinics, spas, frequent adjustments.
Folding Massage Tables Easy to store and carry. Check the folding mechanism, weight, and stability. Small clinics, multipurpose rooms, mobile therapy.
Specialty Massage Tables Made for specific therapies like pregnancy massage. Look for specific features for your therapy. Specialized clinics, targeted therapies.

Perfect for:

  • Physiotherapists: Better care for patients with strong and adjustable tables.
  • Massage Therapists: Give clients a comfy and luxurious experience.
  • Alternative Therapists: Perfect for acupuncture, natural therapy, and more.


"I love my new massage tablet from MassageGear! It's easy to set up, comfortable for my clients, and the free shipping was a bonus!" - Gemma, Mobile Massage Therapist

By owning this table, you will have a professional and comfortable setup. This will make your therapy practice better and keep your clients happy.

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