MG Pro 55cm wide 30pcs Disposable Massage Table Sheet Cover 180cm x 55cm

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MG Pro 55cm 30pcs Disposable Massage Table Sheet Cover 180cm x 55cm

Please Note: These sheets do not have face holes

These Disposable Table Covers can be fitted onto our Foldable massage table. The paper material has been through a high-temperature treatment to guard against bacteria, and it provides a disposable barrier between the client and upholstery as part of an asepsis protocol (minimising the risk of infection).

These disposable covers are 55cm wide, with elastic bands for easy fitting!

Disposable covers are great for busy therapists to accommodate clients in quick succession. These paper covers reduce the expense and inconvenience of laundering and folding linen and are extremely convenient and hygienic for any practice. The breathable non-woven fabric also breaks down easily in the environment.

Product Features:

  • Disposable, comfortable, hygienic and cost-effective
  • Non-woven (filmed), 2ply
  • Elastic band for easy fitting
  • Use in Massage therapists, Beauty salons, Medical clinics, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Alternative therapists, Sporting Clubs
  • 180cm X 55cm wide

Product Included:

  • 30pcs x Cover

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