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Centurion Genesis Compact

Centurion Genesis Compact

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The Centurion Genesis Compact is a premium portable designed in Australia by Athlegen. Our unique Genesis shape improves access to the client and puts less strain on your body. The Genesis Compact is strong, silent and stable with minimum table flex for unparalleled support. The Genesis Compact includes as standard an Adjustable Head cradle mechanism, Prone Armrest sling, Head Cradle Pad and a heavy-duty Transit bag with shoulder strap and side pocket. Upholstered in Galaxy Plus PU, a high-quality, environmentally friendly and hydrolysis-resistant fabric. Made to our strict quality standards developed over 35 years of manufacturing. One of the strongest and lightest tables available and an excellent choice for any professional mobile practice.


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  • Premium portable table
  • Only weighs 12.5kg
  • 720mm table width at widest point & 620mm table width at the narrowest point
  • Rounded table ends allow clients easy and comfortable access to the armrest sling.
  • Perfect for sports, remedial massage or a mobile practice
  • Small incremental height settings for a table height that is perfect for you
  • Plastic washes between all metal parts prevent noise during treatments
  • Superior fabrication and QA made to our strict quality standards developed over 35 years of manufacturing experience
  • Quality stainless steel hardware
  • Aluminium triangulated struts provide superior table support
  • Twin cable system for extra security

Head Cradle & Armrest

The adjustable head cradle can be quickly and easily adjusted in both vertical height and angle. The suspended armrest increases client comfort.

Contoured Top Shape

The contoured top provides increased access during treatments. The top features a curved shoulder area for easy patient access to the prone armrest.

Package Deal

The package deal is great value and includes:

  1. Head cradle pad
  2. Head cradle
  3. Armrest sling
  4. Transit bag with shoulder strap and side pocket

Head Cradle, Face Pad & Armrest

An alternative to the face hole, the head cradle’s height and angle can be adjusted to suit each patient. Extends the table length by 300mm, which is handy for treating taller patients.

Top Shape

The contoured top provides increased access to patients during treatments. The top features a curved shoulder area for easy access to the prone armrest sling.

Height Adjustment

The D-shape aluminium legs make it fast and easy to adjust the height of the table. The table features small incremental adjustments to ensure you can find a table height that is perfect for you.

Superior Design

With twin cables, a patented triangulation power strut design and a CNC precision crafted plywood base, the Genesis Compact provides unparalleled support.

Folding Design

Weighing only 12.5kg, the Genesis Compact is extremely lightweight and the portable folding design makes it easy to transport.

Accessories Included

The Genesis Compact includes a head cradle, face pad, armrest sling and transit bag.


The table of choice for many professional bodywork therapists. A quality imported table that is made to our specifications. Great for students who require a light portable table at a great price. The Genesis is a pleasure to use and the sturdy design will ensure your patients feel secure and comfortable throughout their treatments.

Aluminium Triangulation Support Struts

Our superior design provides unparalleled support. The CXL features twin cables in conjunction with our patented triangulation strut design and a CNC precision crafted plywood base with finger-jointed corners.

Aluminium D-Shape Leg

The D-shaped aluminium legs make it fast and easy to adjust the height. The height range features small incremental adjustments to allow you to set the perfect table height.

Contoured Top Design

Our contoured top design increases access to the centre of the table, minimising fatigue and discomfort. Features a curved shoulder section that allows patients to access the armrest comfortably. Width: The 720mm top offers a comfortable, luxurious width for the patient – ideal for spa, relaxation massage, longer treatments or larger patients.

Medium-density Cushioning

The Genesis Compact table features 64mm, two-layer medium density foam with a softer overlay. The Polyurethane foam is CFC free for peace of mind.

Galaxy Plus

Galaxy Plus is a high-quality polyurethane (PU) fabric with more than twice the life expectancy of standard PU fabrics. This fabric has superior hydrolytic stability (surface adhesion) and is resistant to surface hardening from exposure to perspiration and massage oils. Perfect for remedial, Lomi-Lomi and Kahuna massage techniques. Environmentally friendly 90% water-based formula. No formaldehyde, heavy metals or phthalates.

Please note: All colours shown are approximate and may not reflect shade precisely.

Transit Bag

Made from a heavy-duty fabric, the transit bags offers excellent table protection. The side pocket is handy for storing accessories, while the padded adjustable shoulder strap and side strap help share the weight of the table across your body for easy transportation.

Head Cradle & Face Pad

The head cradle’s height and angle can be adjusted to suit each patient. A useful accessory if you have extended treatments with patients in the prone position or if patients are not comfortable when using the table’s face hole recess. Extends the table length by 300mm, providing a tabletop of nearly 2 metres – ideal for treating taller patients.

Armrest Sling

An accessory that is used in conjunction with the head cradle. It attaches to the head cradle with quick press-fit fastener straps. The armrest sling provides a comfortable platform for patients to relax and rest their arms during prone treatments.


Centurion Genesis Compact

Leg & Strut System D-shape leg
Aluminium triangulation support struts
Twin cable support
Frame System CNC machined plywood
Finger-jointed corners
Reinforced corner blocks
Height Range 620 to 820mm
Adjustments: 8
Increments: 25mm
Table Width 720mm
Table Length 1980mm
Table Weight 12.5kg
Cushioning 64mm, medium finish
Polyurethane foam
Upholstery Fabric Blue Grey Galaxy Plus PU fabric
Upholstery Board 5.5mm plywood (3 ply)
Shipping Dimensions 880 x 770 x 240mm
Folded Dimensions 845 x 720 x 230mm
Shipping Weight 15.5kg
Safe Working Load 205kg Head cradle (optional): 20kg
Adjustments N/A
Other Includes a head cradle, prone armrest sling and transit bag
No assembly required
Design Designed by Athlegen in Australia
Made in the PRC
Warranty Structural: 5 years
Hardware: 2 years
Plywood base: 2 years
Cables: 2 years
Accessories: 1 year
Upholstery to arrive in perfect condition
Other countries upon request
Notes All dimensions (shown in mm) and specifications are approximate and are subject to manufacturing tolerances. Centurion products are designed in Australia by Athlegen and exclusively manufactured in the PRC for Athlegen.
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