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Centurion Traveller Massage chair Galaxy Plus PU

Centurion Traveller Massage chair Galaxy Plus PU

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The Traveller is perfect for the ever-expanding seated massage market. A premium, lightweight and adjustable massage chair that is ideal for practising professionals. You can enter any location, quickly set up and provide a rejuvenating massage that will leave your client invigorated and happy.

The Traveller has been designed to provide complete client comfort and be a pleasure to use. Each body support pad can be adjusted to suit a wide range of clients. The one-piece integrated design is fast to set up and easy to fold away without removing any parts and takes less than 30 seconds!

Combined with the chair’s incredible lightweight design, this makes the Traveller an excellent addition to your business.

The Traveller massage chair includes as standard:

  • Centurion Head Cradle Pad in Matching table Colour
  • Adjustable Head Cradle mechanism (height and angle adjustment)
  • Integrated adjustable Prone Armrest
  • Premium Transit bag with shoulder strap and side pocket


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  • Only weighs 7.6kg
  • Head cradle is quickly and easily adjustable in height and angle
  • Adjustable seat, armrest and chest pad
  • Amazing adjustability and versatility
  • Can accommodate a large range of patient heights from 120cm to 200cm
  • Easy to set up and fold away without any of the noise or fuss of locking buttons
  • All moving joints are engineered to ensure quiet operation during treatments
  • High-quality PU vinyl with oil-resistant properties
  • Rust-free powder-coated aluminium frame that is lightweight, strong and durable
  • Folds flat
  • Sold with a transit bag (included)


Sturdy Design

The Traveller is made with soft and durable PU fabric with oil-resistant properties, as well as a strong, rust-free powder-coated aluminium frame.

Chest Bolster

The chest bolster offers additional support and comfort for women during treatments. It can be quickly adjusted or removed using hook and loop fasteners.

Adjustable Sections

Patient comfort is assured with an adjustable head cradle (height and angle), chest pad (height), prone armrest and seat (angle).

Versatile Height Range

With multiple height settings, the Traveller can comfortably accommodate a large range of different-sized patients from 1.2 to 2m.

Compact Design

Weighing only 7.6kg, the Traveller is extremely lightweight and folds flat for easy transportation. Easy to set up and fold away without any of the noise or fuss of pressing locking buttons.

Free Included Transit Bag

Made from a heavy-duty fabric, transit bags offer excellent table protection. The side pocket is handy for storing accessories, while the padded adjustable shoulder strap and side strap help share the weight of the chair across your body for easy transportation.

Medium-density Cushioning

The Traveller Massage Chair features 40mm, two-layer medium density foam with a softer overlay.

The Polyurethane foam is CFC free for peace of mind.

Galaxy Plus

Galaxy Plus is a high-quality polyurethane (PU) fabric with more than twice the life expectancy of standard PU fabrics. This fabric has superior hydrolytic stability (surface adhesion) and is resistant to surface hardening from exposure to perspiration and massage oils. Perfect for remedial, Lomi-Lomi and Kahuna massage techniques. Environmentally friendly 90% water-based formula. No formaldehyde, heavy metals or phthalates.

Please note: All colours shown are approximate and may not reflect shade precisely.


Centurion Traveller Massage Chair

Leg & Strut System Aluminium
Frame System Aircraft aluminium frame
Height Range Seat and armrest: 3 settings
Head cradle: 100mm adjustments
Top Dimensions Chest: 320 x 255mm
Seat: 340 x 255mm
Knee rest: 140 x 470mm
Armrest: 190 x 370mm
Chest bolster: 75 x 230mm
Width 460mm
Length 720mm
Weight 7.6kg
Cushioning 40mm, medium finish
Polyurethane foam
Upholstery Fabric Blue Grey Galaxy Plus PU fabric
Upholstery Board 5.5mm plywood (3 ply)
Shipping Dimensions 1030 x 500 x 290mm
Folded Dimensions 1010 x 460 x 270mm
Shipping Weight 9.6kg
Safe Working Load Chair: 155kg
Head cradle: 20kg
Adjustments Armrest and seat angle
Head cradle height and angle
Other Includes a head cradle mechanism, chest bolster and transit bag
No assembly required
Design Designed by Athlegen in Australia
Made in the PRC
Warranty Structural: 5 years
Hardware: 3 years
Plywood base: 3 years
Head cradle: 1 year
Accessories: 1 year
Upholstery to arrive in perfect condition
Other countries upon request
Notes All dimensions (shown in mm) and specifications are approximate and are subject to manufacturing tolerances. Centurion products are designed in Australia by Athlegen and exclusively manufactured in the PRC for Athlegen.
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