Massage Table Fitted Cotton Stretch Sheet

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Massage Table Stretch Sheets are handmade from quality, soft, durable 100% cotton material that is  a non pilling, long lasting and washable design.  The edges of these sheets have been fitted with a high quality elastic to ensure a snug fit over a massage table.  Two solid velcro straps prevent slipping. Sheets fit a massage table size up to 190cm x 80cm. 

  • 100% Cotton - Handmade from high quality, soft, durable cotton material.  - Edges fitted with high quality elastic ensuring a snug fit over the massage table 
  • Solid velcro straps prevent slipping
  • Non pilling, long lasting, machine washable/tumble dry design 
  • Massage stretch sheets come in four great colours: white, navy, burgundy and purple
  • Fit massage table size up to 190cm x 80cm

These sheets have been sourced and handmade in Bali for over 13 years.
MassageGear continues to support the economic growth of the original Balinese community with whom these products are created.
Use box above to choose the colours.

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